Friday, March 2, 2012

'Rippin, and 'Runnin

This post will be short, but my memories will far surpass the number of characters in this blog.  This past Wednesday, I had exclusive footage of the behind the scenes look of BET's Rip the Runway 2012.  As a stylist, I and probably most stylists relish the thought of being apart of a huge runway show where only the best of the best are called in. Whenever I see or hear any mention of the likes of Pat McGrath, Sam Fine, or Julie Begin in a famous runway production, I picture the bright lighting, assistants touting about and models sitting picture perfect.  For Rip the Runway, it was no different, and as soon as I walked in hair and makeup, I felt my energy level soar to a gazillion!!!

The scramble was ridiculous, but the excitement is indescribable.  Yes, I love one on one time with clients, I enjoy private consultations and intimate style settings.  What I experienced though at that time probably was the quintessential high of every stylist to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. For both the novice and the seasoned, the creativity that is exchanged in runway work definitely inspires you to push past the norm, and to really appreciate the boundless ways to work our craft.  I being in the best of both worlds of hair and makeup and choosing both as a concentration, I was doubly amped and probably floated around inwardly the whole time.  I was amongst the industry greats, those you see on television and read about all the time in your frequent Google searches.  I didn't have time to be a beauty groupie though I am certain my long gazes were caught at one time or another.  In those moments however, I sought to absorb the whole experience and commit to my memory the fact that I stood in a most coveted place.  I really am most humbled.

You have to have a vision to set your steps in order towards what you see.  What I have experienced in the short span of time has me awestruck.  "Lil 'ole me" doing and seeing some dream like things, things that many imagine.  Hear I am living it.  All the ripping and running that I do that sometimes doesn't make sense, but it plays out and usually it happens during the movement.  You have to take a moment to realize what is going on, absorb, commit to memory and continue to run the race set before you...

BET’s Rip the Runway fashion show was recorded on Wednesday night (February 29). The annual event was hosted by The Game‘s Pooch Hall and Victoria Secret model Selita E. Banks.  The 2012 Rip the Runway will air on Wednesday, March 21 at 10/9PM CST on BET.