Tuesday, August 14, 2012


How you got me lovin like liquid
Flowing out of me like a river stream
Yo,You got me
You had me before you knew me
And you knew me before you saw me
And you saw me while I was hidden
You found me
Wrapped up neatly, buried deep
You’ve enflamed me
Lit up what laid in waste, though swaddled in hope
My brother, my lover, my friend
With so much of My Father
I see in your face the reflection of Him
In your heart, the best of men
And your hand, my now and my then
You are perfect
Perfect for me, perfect for we, perfect for He
My eros imparted desire, us Three
We made love before we touched
I never even seen you
Got me singing songs I never sung before
Praying like I never prayed before
And it’s right
And I love it
And I want it
And I’ll have it