Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expert Beauty

I am a beauty expert. I see what I see, I know what I know, and I interpret how I interpret. I share what I share, I believe what I believe, I perceive what I perceive, and I determine what I determine. I see beauty in flowers, in fruit, in couples holding hands unendingly. I see beauty in lipgloss, Shea butter, and Fendi boots. I am experienced in chocolate, precision haircutting and the art of perfectly moist carrot cake. I can spot a vintage coat in a crowd of millions, and recognize a piece from Bottega Veneta Cruise Collection from a mile away, while in the supermarket. I love red shoes, nude lips and colorful personalities. I applaud individuality, and encourage collective thought. I laugh, I cry, I occasionally use makeup shopping sprees as intensive therapy. I sing, I dance, I walk out of shoe stores fulfilled. I am an expert at life, because I live. I am an expert in beauty because my eyes behold. I share what I know, because you may not, or may need a reminder. I am a beauty expert, all things beauty, all things beautiful, all the time...   

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