Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, Unexpected

I’m not going to solely come from the angle of this [holi]day, though I think love in its purest form, is at best, holy.  Today for some, is the annual anticipation of those who love to see it come, and those who love to see it go.  For the most part, we desire, and possibly seek after love moment by moment in some way, whether in thought or deed.  I have an inkling of perhaps why many haven’t found love.  I think it is because they are actually looking for it. What if love would be encountered when we no longer searched and sought, but allowed it to come unexpectedly?  The perfect marriage of that philos/eros love that make hard days easy, and heavy burdens light.  The kind that shows you what you’ve never seen till you seen it in the eyes of your beloved.  Shulamite type meet me at the banqueting table to feast off of your fruit while sitting in the shade of your tree type love. Clothed in your outfit of admiration type, it was good for me to have waited when I didn’t think you were ever coming type love.  Forgive my poetry, this is what I do while waiting for the unexpected.  While many plan and have romantic blueprints mapped out, I’d like to imagine it overtaking someone in the best way.  Taken over because they had no prior knowledge of who, what, when, or where. We know the why however, it’s because it’s deserving. 
When it comes to love in beauty and art, we dance about it, we write, paint and sing about it. It is the theme of many a great visionary. I thought it would be fitting to share a conversation I had with someone I feel may know a thing or two about this age-old topic. I sat down with Esnavi, singer/songwriter whose highly anticipated album Exit E is climbing the charts.  Her first radio single, Unexpected Love, has already reached the Top 40 on the Urban Adult Contemporary Charts.  Evident in her music, is the expression of the soul of love’s heartbeat, all tied into rhythms and melodies of real-life stories.

1. In my opinion, you are a creative whirlwind, a soulstress, and what I percieve to be a genuine person. What does Esnavi say about Esnavi? Thank you. Esnavi says that Esnavi is truly blessed.  She is a loving, genuine, loyal person.  A “do what she says” with a “do what it takes to get the job done” kind of girl.  Someone you can trust.  She also has a great sense of humor, which makes working with her fun.  She’s passionate about everything she does.  And she goes in 100% on all levels of her artistry. 

2. Can you attribute that to love you've had in your life, and not necessarily romantic? Yes.  The energy I put out is what I receive.  So I attract genuine loving people that are like-minded. 

3. Now, let’s get to the romance...Exit E your current project which is sweeping the airwaves, seems to be nothing but a love story presented in different ways.  Particularly "Unexpected Love", your current radio banger. What was your inspiration behind writing it? I was inspired to write about what I was experiencing at the time. When I wrote it, I was living in the moment of love with the person who became my ‘Unexpected Love’.

4. So did any of this come at a time you didn't foresee?  It's Valentines Day, encourage the single folk:) Yes, it did.  Completely out the blue sky.

5. Staying with the theme of love, describe Esnavi's heart in one sentence... My heart loves like its loved.

6. Random question: Do you wear red nail polish? Yes.  I actually wore a glittery red nail polish at my last show at the Apollo Theater in NYC this past MLK celebration.
You're obviously beautiful outwardly, but I appreciate you sharing with the readers your true beauty, from the inside out...Thank you.  And thank you for featuring me on your blog.  I appreciate it.

My heart in one sentence is “You are more than capable to receive love, to give love, to be love…” So let me give a little of my own.  I have for 1 lovely winner a prize package for their personal account of “Unexpected Love”. Tell me in 100 words or less how you’ve experienced love unexpectedly. It can be in essay or poetry form as we encourage all artistic expression. The winner will be announced next week.

The prize includes  an autographed CD of Esnavi’s Exit E, along with Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System) in “Red Hot Chili” to spice up your anticipation for your Unexpected Love.  Visit http://www.dazzledry.com to view the demo of their revolutionary nail care system.

EXIT E available NOW on ITUNES & Digital Stores Everywhere! http://www.esnavi.com 

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  1. Unexpected love....
    your love to me is just that...unexpected..as I look forward to your arrival..and feel the warmth of your embrace..I remember all the times you saw my nakedness and showed me a smile..when I was plugged up to all those different life supporting machines..one for breathing and the other for sleeping..your love unexpectedly caught me, my self-esteem and massaged it with words like..babe it's okay, your are beautiful, you will recover..I love you no matter what! you held me and made me feel secure reminding me that it's GOD who carries me...he carries US..yes My Husband is my unexpected LOVE..I couldn't see him coming in the beginning ..I was just dating..when he looked at me he had no hesitation in his mind that I was his expected outcome. I on the other hand didn't expect him to be exceptional..he is .. I was just looking for a movie or dinner partner until..my REAL Husband would come...unexpectedly..it was him..HUGO..written by anointed-hands..aka wordsmith