Monday, April 30, 2012

Not for Nothing

This will be short and sweet.  My bestie and I hung out this weekend.  We had a wonderful time getting away from our daily routines, laughing and cackling like hens.  Free from the coops of our responsibilities, we were entertained by live music, great food and ambiance.  We enjoyed the joy of friendship at that moment and we felt so blessed.  Our waitress however, approached us frazzled and unnerved, and we initially didn't know what to make of her rantings.  She later shared that two women had ordered food, but ran out on her without paying the bill.  She was concerned that the tab would be taken out of paycheck.  She was barely audible, but we managed to convince her to give us the food so she wouldn't get in trouble.  It happened to be what we were looking at on the menu to order, so it worked out for everybody.  We worked to soothe her so she could finish her shift uneventfully, she was nearing a breakdown.  Not on our watch we decided, so we proceeded to pour into her at that moment what an asset to the business she was, how valuable a person she is and will be.  She stuck to us like a baby with their mama.  After every table she waited on, she always found herself back to us.  We had finished and paid for our tab and hour and a half ago, so her dealings with us were complete.  She was drawn to two people who didn't find it robbery on our "mommas away from the kids/girls night out"  to make sure she was ok.  We ended the night hugging her.  I swear, it was like right out of some sappy friendship movie, but it was real, and it was neccessary.  It didn't take away from our evening to be human to another human.  I never saw that girl before in my life, and possibly might not ever see her again.   She was a soul that needed to connect at that moment, in the midst of the swanky crowd, the soulful serenades and the quality libations.  Not for nothing, those hugs we gave her may have very well saved her sanity, even her life.  It didn't take anything away from us, if anything it added to us.  The beauty of the moment was the stillness in the midst of her personal chaos that I pray sustains her till she is able to get a little more.


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