Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Forgive me for my silence.  It hasn’t been due to inactivity, quite the contrary. With all of this socializing I’ve been doing, my spirit has really been lit with inspiration and encouragement.  I’ve been experiencing passion and drive in others that are fulfilling chased dreams.  Continuing my own dream path of art and culture, I’ve come across opportunities of creativity, and passion at it’s best. Passion for helping others, and creativity captured by photographic lenses.  I’ve heard singers belt out love sonnets, I experienced collective thinking in action with intent and purpose.  I also experienced the greatest of all creativity, a newborn baby in my arms.  Plus, I stopped in my travels to experience a newly blossomed flower.  Not too shabby for some true beauty encounters.  I won’t keep my distance like this however, I encounter beauty moment by moment, and I want you to encounter it with me. 

I was at the park with my children, I looked down and this is what I saw. Photo by TheophaniStyle LLC

I am a first time aunite:)
Talking to the ladies at the Women Veterans Empowerment Cruise before starting their makeovers.
Felicia Alston Photography

Ginger Baine-Miller, President and CEO of John 14:2,IncFelicia Alston Photography

Jeanette Berry of  Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds  

We aren't mad, just listening intently to the speakers. Tifini Lewis, Jermaine Smith, Ashlei Stevens at BlackStreet's 1 Year Celebration and Fundraiser

Founder Judith Jacques with award recipients Kevin Parker, Beverly Bond, Midwin Charles,Phil Andrews. BlackStreet's 1 Year Celebration & Fundraiser 

Not by any means have I been socially “light”, social interaction is just what I do.  I want to interact with you with a wonderful giveaway, courtesy of SOCIALLITE ACCESSORIES FIRST PERSON TO RESPOND WITH AN ACCOUNT OF SOMETHING NEW THEY EXPERIENCED IN THE LAST MONTH WINS TWO SURPRISE ITEMS!!!!

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  1. That's such a beautiful poem! And so great how you are getting around!