Thursday, September 27, 2012

Living Beautifully

Makeup, music, soul, color, life, in my opinion are all aspects of true beauty. All of the above come in so many different forms, and should be recognized and revered as special in their own individual ways. As a make-up artist, I am blessed to encounter so many variations of beauty. From high cheekbones, hooded eyes, full lips, to porcelain, olive and blue- black complexions, I have the privilege of accenting and enhancing what is uniquely beautiful about the women I service. What also makes my job easier is that there are products that allow me to do what I do, and that they perform the necessary duties I require when I use them. It is great that I know my color wheel, and that I will mix up a formula with multiple products when I need to. Especially when dealing with women of African descent, our complexions and undertones run the gamut. It’s not “one size fits all”, so I appreciate when there are products that consider the needs of all beauty types. For me, it’s a requirement, both professionally and personally. September 25, 2012, I had the pleasure of attending a monumental event, celebrating singer/songwriter Esnavi as one of the faces of Alison Raffaele Cosmetics. The line will be carried in select Duane Reade stores in the LOOK Boutique nationally and in Puerto Rico. You will see Esnavi as the the first African- American woman to represent the campaign where the products are sold. Alison Raffaele’s passion for beauty has often been drawn and inspired from music and fashion as an veteran make-up artist. Known for her work in the industry, notably working under Bobbi Brown, Alison already had the respect and trust of her clients and colleagues. As I spoke with her at MarX Restaurant(, I had gained a new-found respect as I listened to her speak about her diligence in providing a complexion line that worked amazingly, and boasts ingredients that are eco-friendly and effective. Alison clearly has a passion and love for her artistry and her clients. Putting together a cosmetic line that is paraben, talc, mineral oil, fragrance and gluten free openly displays that. Choosing Esnavi as one of the faces of Alison Raffaele Cosmetics is also a display of beautiful living in a real, identifiable form. Known as one of the hottest rising musical artists of this decade, Esnavi is known for her flair for fashion and beauty and identifying with artists that she really believes in. She won’t wear an outfit she doesn’t like for flattery sake, or shout out an artist that she wouldn’t personally stand behind. That alone says a lot about Alison Raffaele Cosmetics. For an artist to put her name and face to something, I’m inclined to believe we may be on to something. I am glad Esnavi and Alison Raffaele chose each other. A merge of two of my favorite art forms, makeup and music, and a message of true beauty behind each brand. Simply, this makes me happy. I can see a face I identify with when I purchase and use a product that really works for me. In my gift bag, I received “True Concealer Skintone 6”. I am wearing it now, I will wear it tomorrow too, because it matches my tone perfectly, hasn’t slipped during the day, and is weightless. I’ve been experiencing “Unexpected Love” lately. I cannot think of the phrase anymore without thinking of Esnavi’s hit single. All of this going on at the same time, and I feel beauty in my life right this moment. Kind of corny? Yes it is, but who can tell anyone what beautiful living is to them? -See Esnavi’s story here and information about Alison Raffaele Cosmetics at -For the latest information about all things Esnavi, visit

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