Monday, September 3, 2012

Team Player

No man is an island they say. Two being better than one, "We Are the World", or even asking for help, are all notions that humans aren't to be independent of each other at all times. Whether in deed or words, we all get a deeper understanding of ourselves when we share like interests, thoughts, struggles and experiences. Do I share my life over coffee; give a little insight while applying your mascara, can you give me the best of advice as you deliver my mail? Please, help me avoid some pitfalls by telling me your story, and let’s do it while working together…
I recently spent the day working with Two-Time WNBA Champion Yolanda Moore ( With the release of her book, You Will Win If You Don’t Quit, Yolanda has been quite busy promoting her inspirational text. I accompanied her to Philadelphia as her glam squad for an interview on the cable television show Enter the Zone. Aside from spending four seasons in the WNBA, and winning two WNBA championships with the Houston Comets in 1997 & 1998, Yolanda also motivates through philanthropy and speaking engagements. Yolanda shares her story to help others reach their goals and highest potential. Yolanda believes in “dreaming big and relentlessly pursuing her passion and she is dedicated to teaching others how to do the same".
I read You Will Win If You Don’t Quit in less than two hours on the way to Philly. It was an easy read; I immediately saw her story as she told it. I saw it as if I was there, and I kind of was in my own way. I saw a lot of my life in hers, the tragedy, the triumphs, and the processes in between. I have to admit that I am really not much of a sports fan, but Yolanda descriptively made it plain for even me to understand the “basketball speak” of her athletic rise from childhood to WNBA stardom. I was also engaged by areas for me to write down my thoughts about setting and resetting my own successful goals. Never one for flattery, this book honestly re-inspired me.
I always appreciate and honest story behind what people see in the limelight. Nothing worth having comes easy for most; hard work, determination, and a call on your life usually have everything to do what people see as a finished product. When these accounts are shared from and honest and generous place, people are helped and empowered to be better. When an individual is made better, all those around them get to partake of that, in turn making them better. Vicariously, or directly, we’re made to feel like we are apart of something bigger than ourselves, taking one for the team…

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