Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nice and Social

With New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 still in full swing, I think the fashion world is probably still teeming over with inspiration, creativity, and excitement. Wanting to bask in that sentiment, I headed to Harlem, New York to visit the new location of Sociallite Accessories, an exclusive woman’s accessory boutique located at 2084 Lexington Avenue (http://socialliteaccessories.com/). I honestly lost my breath a little when I walked in. It seemed like all of my personal style was hanging on every wall. From the jewelry, to the handbags, I quickly had to remind myself my children needed uniforms for school, and that I needed running water to live. If there is nothing I love better in my accessories arsenal, is a true statement piece. Sociallite Accessories is filled with them. They cater to the trendy, fashion forward individual who loves quality and individuality, without having to forego food for 2 weeks. They even have a section catered to “Lil Sociallites”, accessories for girls. Owner Yenitza Lindsay was such a doll, accurately pointing out pieces that she thought I would like just from her quick assessment of me. She pulled out a two-finger ring with an antique shear on it. She did that after I had chosen a minimum of 12 pieces I wanted to leave with, so I just went ahead and made it 13…
Yenitza Lindsay and Yours Truly
Aside from wanting to leave an establishment with what you came for, you want to feel like you’ve made the right decision to spend your time and your money there. You get that at Sociallite Accessories. The space is intimate, the staff is personable, and they have great products. Let’s be honest, I don’t like people who aren’t nice. Period, Point, Blank. From talking with Annbeth R., friend of Yenitza’s (who I have connected to as well), to chatting it up with the supporters and customers, your shopping experience here won’t be a disappointment. I even walked out with a lovely pair of earrings that I wore the very next day, and I still had enough to pay my water bill (I’m from Queens). Head out to Harlem, visit Sociallite Accessories, treat yourself, feel good about it, leave feeling nice and social. Add a little love to your jewelry box and create a little budget to go back and do it all over again.
These are the ones I snagged, you wouldn't believe for how much... For the first person who can guess how much I paid for my earrings, I'll give them a pair of earrings, courtesy of Sociallite Accesories. To be fabulous will cost you nothing but an educated guess!!!

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